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Construction Material Supply


What you need to know

Building a new house would be the dream of every person. And finally while the day comes, the person would be overwhelmed with the questions : how to build and how to procure the building material like sand, bricks and cement and finally how to choose workers. To provide a solution to all these questions, SAMS provides a one stop destination for all construction materials. Even for big apartment projects all kinds of technical , non technical, skilled labours , and all quality materials are supplied. We also help you with electrical and plumbing material which include 6 months free maintenance plus 6 months paid maintenance i.e.., total 1 year maintenance with conditions apply. Most people would face the issue with electrical works and plumbing works as once the apartment is done, the plumbers or technicians would not be in contact with the owners. But SAMS saves your apartment plan and data, so that whenever you get an issue, our team can easily solve it as they know where the connection is and how to use it.

Why Choose Us?

Our aim is to provide quality, genuine and original construction material and human resources to our esteemed customers at market competitive prices and offer a prompt service with a minimum turnover rate. Further, it is our mission to maintain the highest level of honesty, integrity, and professionalism in every relationship with our suppliers, customers, professional associates and subcontractors. With a passion to serve the construction community everywhere, our company strives to become a leader for building a better and prosperous India. Our key features in include :