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What you need to know

We always follow the best in whatever the service we offer. With media factory, we provide quality video content that include message oriented short films as well as commercials ads for companies, and businesses. We help you to shoot the advertisements even with celebrities to make your online press strong. We consist of an eye-catching studio along with cutting-edge equipment and a professional expert team, who provide you best output at low costs.

Bringing a product to life; giving it an identity, and establishing connection with its consumers is not as simple as it seems. That’s the potential of Ad Film Making. It requires skilled understanding of concepts, filming and a team like SAMS to create indelible images.

Our corporate videos carry the essence of a company and its brand image. They also have a reputation for being rather boring. Have your next corporate video project expertly conceived, produced and managed by our team. We make it simple and straightforward to transform your ideas and messages into media that inspires the senses – and reaches your sales, promotional and training goals.

Why Choose Us?

Creating video is an art and the only limitation it has is the creator’s imagination. There are different kinds of videos to effectively convey different kinds of objectives. Our purpose is to bring to life a vision that revolves around the art of storytelling. We are passionate about the whole process of filmmaking. And it’s this passion that drives us towards being the best production house. SAMS media factory services come to your rescue in choosing the right kind of video that best suits your objective. Our repertoire of work includes: